Brian Harris

6 Myths Related To The Bike Insurance Plan You Should Know

Two-wheeler is often favored in India over cars because of the convenience. According to Indian law, you cannot drive a bike without a minimum third-party liability cover. However, it is suggested that you should get a comprehensive plan to ensure you get cover for the damage to your own vehicle as well. Bike insurance plans provide financial assistance in case of an unforeseen event. There are some misconceptions associated with

How to Choose the Right Database for your Mobile App

Today, almost every sector has started to use mobile applications widely. All age groups of people also use different mobile applications to fulfill their requirements like paying bills, shopping, and others. All these apps come under Android/iOS app stores. These vast markets need vast requirements, and one of the biggest challenges and requirements for developing a mobile application is a database.  It is crucial to managing the enormous amount of

How to track your child's phone with the best cell phone tracker app?

Are you worried about your child’s cell phone activities? Do you have suspicions that your child may become the victim of stranger danger and cyber predators? Are you serious! That your child is used to spend hours and hours on their digital mobile device connected to the internet. Furthermore, your child is May suffering from multiple obsessions such as social media and mobile addictions.  Both mobile obsession and social media