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Opening your business comes with a lot of benefits, both personal and financial. With this, it’s not always easy to open your own business, as resources and financial constraints can hinder the success of your newly found business. One thing that many new business owners overlook is ensuring the standards and regulations set out by both federal and state entities are carried throughout the entire operations of the business. One

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Not every individual has the courage and willpower to stop working under one and kickstart a business. Even many ambitious people start a business but cannot operate it in an efficient and productive manner and find it extremely challenging to boost business growth. Almost every successful businessperson has one thing in common, and that is their dependency on an experienced business attorney. Navigating complicated business processes becomes easier for an

In California Equal Pay Law: Employment Opportunity Restoration Act

Individual variations in a person’s job evaluation are not relevant to the job, such as race, ethnicity, age, religion, and identity. People’s personalities are by no means acceptable, and equal pay for equal work should be the mainstay of job evaluation. The primary purpose of the Equal Pay Act is to prohibit pay inequality based on gender, caste, age, religion, or tribe. For example, the salary of a female employee