Labor Law Posters: Know When You Need Them and How To Get Them

Labor Law Posters

Opening your business comes with a lot of benefits, both personal and financial. With this, it’s not always easy to open your own business, as resources and financial constraints can hinder the success of your newly found business. One thing that many new business owners overlook is ensuring the standards and regulations set out by both federal and state entities are carried throughout the entire operations of the business.

One of the defining things that small business owners and entrepreneurs will need to do before or during the setup of their business, is to ensure they follow guidelines laid out by labor law organizations and ensure the posting of labor law posters on their premises. Let’s look at some things you’ll need to know to receive or get a labor law poster, and more so when you need it.

What is a labor law poster?

Simply explained, a labor law poster contains the most important information regarding employee rights and obligations in the workplace. This document is a crucial part of the information for all employees, as it gives them a clear and straightforward explanation of what they can expect from their working environment, employer and if these rights and obligations are overstepped, what the necessary protocol is they have to follow.

Why are labor law posters important to display?

Required by the U.S. Law, every employer who has more than one employee that trades from a traditional brick-and-mortar location will need to display the latest State and Federal Labor Law Posters. This is to ensure that employers and business owners are staying compliant with U.S. Labor Law, and also to ensure that employees are well-informed about their rights and obligations in the workplace.

When should a business owner display a labor law poster?

The basic understanding here is that displaying the latest State and Federal law posters, will maintain the primary goal of improving and increasing workplace productivity. More so, if your business operates with more than one or two employees, it becomes mandatory for you as a business owner to obtain a labor law poster and display it.

Depending on your type of business, and the type of industry it falls under – there are specific posters that each business will need to obtain and display. These factors can also include, the size of your business, the number of employees, and also the type of service or product you are providing.

What are the consequences of not having a labor law poster?

It is said that once you have registered your business with the appropriate organizations and government entities, you will be automatically linked to a labor law organization that will ensure you remain compliant in terms of both State and Federal Labor Law regulations.

In addition to remaining compliant, there are also fines and citations which can be issued to your business if you fail to remain compliant. In many cases, businesses can receive a fine varying anything from $110 to almost $35,000. This will be dependent on the size and nature of the business. 

How do obtain a labor law poster?

Today, more than ever before, it’s extremely easy to obtain a labor law poster from either an organization or the internet. Although for busy entrepreneurs it may seem that the best choice is to download a copy from the internet – there are some pitfalls one needs to consider and be wary of.

–     Ensure you understand the nature and size of your business

–     Contact a local labor law organization for more information

–     Ensure that the labor law poster you require contains the necessary employee rights and


–     Avoid time-consuming research

–     Be aware that each state will have different labor law posters

–     Obtain all the necessary documentation at both state and federal level

Although labor law posters are the very last thing young entrepreneurs and new business owners think of, it remains one of the most crucial documents for employers and more importantly employees. In order to ensure you have obtained the most current and correct labor law poster – you can contact local labor law organizations for further information.