The Costs of Building a Website

Building a Website

Whether you’re a small startup, small business, or a daring entrepreneur planning to take his or her business to ultimate success, one of the most noticeable traits a lot of businesses all share is their willingness to create and published their own website.

In the past, building a new website seemed somewhat impossible – with new-age technology and software only starting to take shape and only a handful of people who knew how to work with it. Today, building a website has become a lot cheaper, easier, and more convenient to do – so convenient that many website building platforms offer you to build a website in just a couple of minutes. Although some experts and business forums might still suggest using a web developer for your business website needs, this might also come at a higher price tag.

TRUiC CEO, Nagabhushanam “Bobby” Peddi once said, “To be the best, you have to show people who you truly are, be authentic and share ideas, concepts and creativity with the clients and customers you want your business to resonate with.”

Where to start and what to consider?

For young entrepreneurs and small business owners, the most difficult part is simply starting – and by this, we mean starting to find the right information at the right places. If you’re not a tech guru, or as technologically inclined as you thought you might be – start by doing some online research about building a new website and how the process works.

There will be mountains of information at your fingertips, but it will ultimately come down to how you make use of it. In addition, new developments and advancements in tech and software have now made it easier for any person to build and create their own website.

If you’re looking to take this approach of using a website building platform and doing the work yourself, consider the following:

–          What your business will be selling and/or providing?

–          Will you be using your website as your main point of customer engagement i.e. eCommerce, online webstore, trading, messaging, etc.

–          How will your new website improve and advance your business, and how will it benefit your business?

–          Should I start small and then grow my website as the business does?

–          How will my website resonate with my brand and business?

Website building platforms

Platforms such as GoDaddy, WordPress, Weebly, SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify, and many others have helped millions of people build and launch their website. These platforms have a great set of benefits such as price, flexibility, and ease of use. Although it may seem like a great idea at first, some restrictions may occur, as the pricing structure will allow you to do more if you’re willing to pay more.

Pricing for these platforms can either work on a subscription-based plan, monthly, annually, or one-off. Prices can range from $10 per month to almost $600 per month. Some platforms include other great features such as Webhosting, SEO marketing, and business-related resources and features.

You get what you pay for

Business owners can expect to receive what they pay for. Depending on the type of platform you’re going to use and how much you are willing or can pay – there are limited features for cheaper plans. Read the reviews on some of the most popular website building platforms currently available.

Let’s take, for example, Squarespace, a great website building platform if you’re looking to build a website with the ultimate aesthetics. Although this might seem great, Squarespace has great features, but pricing starts at $12/month and can go up to as much as $40/month. Although it may seem quite affordable at the start, your design features may still be limited.

Another example to look at is GoDaddy which has boomed over the last decade. The most popular feature on GoDaddy is its drag-and-drop feature. It’s easy to use, functional, and offers users the best experience for the most affordable price. Starting at $2.99/month to $16.99/month, these prices are more attractive for entrepreneurs and business owners – but there are limited online features such as customization, and design features.

Using these website building platforms is easy and a cheap alternative. There are certain cons to using these sites, as it may limit your creativity – while web developers may be too expensive. In each instance ensure you make the right choice for your business.