Bringing your gym home? Yes, you can, with custom fitness items

During this pandemic period many of us have preferred to get away from the gyms and exercise from home. Of course, that sense of belonging to a club is slowly running out, like the sense to share objects with people or to create a community with the same interests.

The after-duty-gym has been necessarily substituted by the after-duty-home fitness. 

Which kind of material is useful to practice our exercises? 

First of all, it is necessary to choose the best area inside home, bright and spacious, where you can relax yourself at your best.  Then you need a mat, a water bottle, a towel, a sporty look. I would add a nice pair of socks as well. Now you can take weights or elastic bands or some other elements that you usually use at gym. If everything is ready take a breath and start your session. 

It almost look like your club, doesn’t it? Yes, I know your answer. No, it is not. 

In order to remain in contact with subscribers, during the general closure due to Coronavirus, the gyms have equipped themselves to involve their members in video courses on various multimedia platforms. From home we all adapted to find home-made weights such as water bottles or yoga mats being content with the carpets we had at home.

The restart was not exactly a return to the pre-covid period. Our habits have changed and even gyms are adopting new strategies to welcome customers safely. Sanitization and spacing aside, the mode of “course to do at home” is gaining ground and, while during the past few months has been set up in last minute cause of the emergency, now there are real platforms that allow you to access the courses of other locations of the same gym, maybe registering the course and doing activities on schedule at will.

Ultimately, it seems that the lockdown has shaken us and that has accelerated solutions that were in the people thoughts but that were delayed to be put in place. Opportunities have in fact opened up and it will be interesting to see what future developments will be.

In moving the activities from the gym to the home as a nerve center, it is necessary to make clients feel close to your brand, through communications sent ad hoc and through a facilitation of fitness equipment that can also be used at home … Why not personalize them? 

Accessories and clothing for sport is a very interesting field, there are a lot of colored solutions to distinguish yourself to the competitors.

Let’s review the best promotional items for home-gym.

  1. The Yoga Mat. Yoga is a mind and body custom with about 5.000 years of history in ancient Indian philosophy. Various styles of yoga combine physical posture, breathing technique, and/or meditation. Actually, it has become popular as a form of physical exercise based upon poses that promote and improve the control of the mind and body and enhance healthy and well-being. The mat for yoga practice could be useful also for other disciplines, such as Pilates or floor exercises. So, your customers can use it so many times during their home gym sessions, including also other family members. 
  1. Resistance band and skipping rope.  Having at home a set like this will help you with exercises. With the resistance band you can easily exercise arms and legs, passing then to a longer jump rope sessions (20 – 60 minutes) that is a great for building aerobic fitness. Giving away a set composed by these elements to your customers can be helpful and they will remember you as a good and healthy oriented brand. 
  1. Water bottles. They can be used for your thirsty and as gym weights. Modern water bottles can have also other accessories included, as Bluetooth speakers. So that your clients can do their exercises listening to their preferred music!
  1. Microfiber towel. While doing your fitness you need always a towel. Think to a branded item, you can customize it with embroidery and your logo will have ever the right visibility. People will use it also outside gym or fitness activities! 
  1. Terry wristband or headband. If you need to feel like outside or at gym of course you need to have a wristband and headband, for your sweat while doing exercises. Moreover, they are always nice to see, they’re fashionable and trendy. 
  1. Technical t-shirt: Do you think is it banal? A t-shirt is never banal. People need it to do exercises, running, or other fitness activities. They cannot use a normal t-shirt of their garderobe also if they are at home, they need a technical one. So please consider customizing a t-shirt! If it will be of good quality its life will be so long! Your clients can use it also in the future when the pandemic situation will finish. Suggestion: customize a unisex product, it could be easier to give it away.

Concluding, it’s a good idea to give away a branded item for home-gym: your people will be so grateful and your brand will be distinguished from the others. This is fine even if you are not a personal trainer or a fitness center, because healthy is from (and for) everyone! 

In the section of the Higift site dedicated to gym there are several ready-to-custom product solutions. If you want to create something ad hoc and really original, the research and development laboratory of Gadget Lab is the right option to contact instead!