7 Killer Card Game Variations To Rock Those Sessions

Killer Card Game

This popular card game (often called Indian Poker) has interesting variations every year that allow you to have total fun whether you win or lose, as long as you don’t end up like Yudhishthira (although in reality, there are many clever Duryodhana). For those of you who don’t play, it’s easy to join in the fun by simply presenting your own specialized variations and watching them play out. Knowing the 3 patti rules, let’s try a few variations this year to get the most out of this fun party.

1. Strange sequences.

Instead of the usual order such as A-2-3 or J-Queen-King, present the sequence using spare cards. Ace, 3, 5, 9, Jack, King.

2. 369 and the one-eyed jack:

These cards in 3 patti game (the jack of spades and the jack of hearts, also known as the one-eyed-jack) are all jacks, but the other two jacks (diamonds and clubs) are not one-eyed, which can lead to comical confusion. Additionally, of the 369 jokers, one color can be called a joker and the other colors declared regular.

3. High-Low

The card with the lowest value becomes the card with the highest value, and vice versa. For instance, if you draw a king of hearts, two spades, and two diamonds, the king’s value will be lower than the highest pair of twos of its kind. Add the best five-card hand and mix further. Deal the five cards, discard two cards, and choose the lowest and highest cards.

4. Old card (or Martha) on the forehead.

Each player has one card. Without looking at the card, stick it on your forehead or leave it there. This allows all players to see each other’s cards, but not their own. Based on a pure estimate of the value of the cards, start making them bigger. The suspense is great, and a card stuck stupidly on your head will always make you laugh.

5. Red and Black:

After all players have been dealt three cards, one card is dealt in the center. At the end of each round, a new card is placed. If the middle card is red (heart or diamond), the game proceeds as normal and the value of that card is announced as a joker. Example If the middle card is a 7 of hearts, then all 7s become jokers. However, if the card is black, the basis of the game is mufis (the card with the lowest value, which in turn becomes the card with the highest value. For example, a series of 2,3,5 is a clue to an ace). This is probably one of the best ways to keep players enjoying the game longer.

6. Folded Joker.

Each player is dealt four cards, the last of which is invisible and different from the other three; the third is the indicator card, which serves as everyone’s joker. For example, Mr. A has a seven of hearts, a six of spades, and a nine of diamonds (and an invisible card); Mr. B has an eight of clubs, an eight of diamonds, and a four of hearts. The jokers in this game are the four of hearts and the nine of diamonds, for each player in the game.

However, if one folds (stuffs) a card, a previously unseen card becomes the joker. Ouch! (laughter)

7. Sudden death:

This game is best played at the end of the hand. Deal one card to each player from the same pack. Hold the card between your thumb and ring finger and keep dropping the card until a player yells “Stop!” and keep dropping cards until a player calls out “Stop!” . Choose the highest value card from the remaining cards. The card with the highest value wins.