Buy YouTube Subscribers To Monetise Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Subscribers

Before this hard-hitting pandemic of CoVID-19 and Lockdown, the world was poised with specific digital platforms to mint money and do business on some clicks. Covid-19 has further enhanced the platter of business, thus creating a plethora of platforms for teaching, learning, and performing. This increased the number of searches and watch hours per day on YouTube. More people are started to accessing YouTube for learning things, showing talent, or entertainment. 

If you wish to start your YouTube channel, the key to beat the competition is to buy YouTube subscribers and achieve the milestone of minimum watch hours along with 1000 subscribers. 

YouTube is one such leading platform after Google, which is accessed the most. Amongst all utilities it serves, the most lucrative service is that it enables the creation of wealth. There are many ways to earn money, and one of the trendiest ways is to create money by building YouTube Subscribers. 

The Journey from YouTube Subscribers to Money

Has the idea hit your mind to quit your regular 9 to 5 jobs (very mundane) after knowing the income fetched by T-series, Pewdiepie, Shane, and Janna Marbles? There are ample of rags to riches stories of the people who have become millionaires from YouTube Views and Subscribers in a short period.

You can either create the audience organically or Buy YouTube Subscribers.

The struggle is harsh for getting enough views on your stuff to mint profits. To overcome the battle, you may also look for some alternate options to turn YouTube views into money. The following are some ideas that have worked for YouTubers in creating wealth.

1) Roll out Ads to convert YouTube views to money

For creating money from YouTube views, one will have to enable monetization from settings. Many creators use Adsense to monetize their content. Just what they have to do is produce a great video with high-quality content, then optimize the video, and earn passive income by uploading it on YouTube along with sharing on other Social Media platforms. 

The fundamentals run around Cost per Click (CPC) of the ads displayed. CPC differs from country to country. Income is generated by the number of clicks on the ads demonstrated.  For example, if a video has 1000 views, 2000 impressions (frequency of ads), 200 Clicks on ad and CPC is 0.01$, the total earning would be 200* 0.01$ which is close to 2$ (Rs. 149). 

2) Make use of Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the efficient ways to create money from YouTube Subscribers. This can be done if you can post videos with review-based contents such as reviews for services or products by different companies or educational courses or their institutes. 

For example, if you are running a beauty channel, you can create a review on a newly launched BB cream/ CC cream, and share affiliate links in your video’s description section. In case you lack subscribers, consider to Buy YouTube Subscribers until you reach a good audience. Want to spy on your competitors? Check out this SEO SpyGlass promo code by Woblogger.

3) Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products (such as E-book, online applications, tutorials, membership, etc) using YouTube channel is just another way of turning your YouTube views into income. Without keeping inventory of the merchandise, you can sell products digitally and convert the traffic into money.


The best way to create money from YouTube Subscribers is to diversify income streams, that is, combine all three methods to enhance YouTube views or Buy YouTube Subscribers

Innovation, consistency, interaction, and authenticity are the critical elements of the content that will catapult the maximum no. of views. So, what are you waiting for? Create, Post, share, and make it visible!!