How To Maintain Your Microwave Oven

Maintain Microwave Oven

Microwave Ovens are one of the most important home appliances in our homes. Since they are cheap and stick around for quite a while, you need to know how to maintain them and take care of them so that they can work for a long time to come. You should not need appliance repair for microwave ovens so often because of the maintenance tips we are going to give you. This will be enough for you to keep your microwave running for some years to come. 

Now, we all know that microwave ovens are quite cheap and they can last, but you actually need to follow the steps. 

Make sure the inside of the oven is clean

Every time you use your microwave, do not forget to clean your oven. The food and liquid that spills on the walls of the oven need to be wiped out before it is too late. This is because the food that is spilled will still be cooked whenever the microwave is on. This means it is going to darken the spots. The reason you need to clean the oven is to make sure it doesn’t turn out to be less efficient. 

Always remember, you need to clean if there is any kind of spill immediately! If you want to do an in-depth cleaning, you can do it once in a month. However, keep this in mind: old stains are harder to remove. 

Just like the inside, the outside should also be clean

Outside cleaning includes cleaning the handle and the glass screen. You can also choose to clean the countertop or the cabinet from time to time while you are cleaning the exteriors. It is simple, if you clean your appliance regularly, it will look brand new and you would be excited to use it. 

Always use microwave friendly containers only. 

This is very important, as it is quite hazardous to actually heat food in a non-microwave friendly plastic container. If you are using non-microwave friendly plastic, it means that it would melt and might leave some dangerous particles in your food. 

Hence, it is suggested that you follow the rules and only use microwave friendly kitchenware to heat your food. Mainly, the ceramic or glass products are microwave friendly. Even Borosil is quite a microwave friendly. 

Another main thing that you should never consider doing is putting metal in the microwave. The microwaves that are emitted while the heating process tends to actually bounce off the metal and this only causes more damage to the oven. So try to steer clear of any metal containers and this contains Aluminum too!

Always cover your food with microwave friendly covers

While you are covering your food, make sure to use microwave-friendly plastic or glass cover. This is to prevent splashes and spluttering on the microwave inner walls. This helps in two ways. You can prevent the food or the liquid from splashing on the walls. Second, you can prevent the paint on the metal of the oven from going away. 

Other simple but important tips

Always make sure that you close the door of the microwave oven. If the door is damaged, this means that the food would not be cooked well and then you need to look for a microwave oven appliance repair service. Also, do not run the microwave on empty as this can cause the inside to heat up and end up in serious damage. 

Let us explain the science behind this: while the energy is being produced and the radiation will make the microwave parts to absorb the heat energy. This will mostly explode and these components are not designed in such a way that they can tolerate radiation exposure. 

Even if it comes to repair, it is not easy to repair and it is better for you to go for a new one. Hence, do not experiment by running your microwave while it is empty. 

Do basic maintenance every year

You need to keep up with simple replacements of the appliance. This is because you will be able to reduce the wearing of the parts in the oven. You can replace the light bulbs or the handle door of the oven that might need yearly replacement. Make sure that you go for a good quality one because they are useful to reheat or cook your food. You need to be able to have harmless food!


These maintenance tips can help you prevent any kind of repairs and can have an effect on the subsequent increase in lifespan. They will help you keep your microwave look new even though it has been there for years. 

Apart from that, you will see that only after years of using, only then you will require appliance repair services. Otherwise, you are good to use this microwave oven for many years to come.