What is the definition of a prenatal chiropractor?

Prenatal chiropractors have received specialized training in techniques most appropriate for pregnant women, including specific gentle adjustments to restore proper spinal and pelvic motion and alignment, muscle techniques, and specific stretches and exercises to help with pregnancy and delivery. They also work with pregnant women to strengthen their pelvic, back, and abdominal muscles in preparation for labor and delivery.

Pregnancy chiropractors are frequently accredited by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and work in a safe, gentle manner with pregnant women to provide relief from back pain and other pregnancy-related concerns. Pregnancy chiropractors focus on spine alignment and function, as well as other body joints that may be causing discomfort during pregnancy.

Many prenatal chiropractors use treatments designed expressly for pregnant women to alleviate pelvic pain and in-utero restriction. The Webster Technique ensures that your baby has ample space to move around in utero and may also aid in putting your baby into head-down positions in late pregnancy, allowing for ideal fetal positioning.

Is it safe to visit a chiropractor while pregnant?

Before seeing any chiropractor, make certain that they are licensed by their regulatory body. Inquire whether they have further training specialized in treating pregnant women, as well as how much experience they have in this field. In addition to the regular chiropractic equipment, they should have the required equipment for pregnant care.

To ensure that pregnant patients are as comfortable as possible during each session, especially during the third trimester, find an experienced prenatal chiropractic doctor who has specialized equipment such as drop tables for pregnant women and pregnancy pillows for the growing abdomen. This contributes to the pregnancy chiropractic adjustment is as comfortable as possible.

Pregnant patients should avoid lying on their backs for as long as possible during the third trimester, but the use of pregnancy cushions and customized tables makes chiropractic treatments safe and effective well into the third trimester.

Prenatal chiropractic therapy is a safe and beneficial choice for expecting women in general. The therapy can help ease pregnancy-related discomfort, improve posture, minimize low back pain, aid in pregnancy and delivery, and avoid future injuries post-natally.