The first national Ping An China micro-film and micro-video competition ends

launched a video competition

The first Ping in China micro-film micro-video competition organized by the Central Political and Legal Committee and the Central Comprehensive Management Committee has recently ended successfully. 100 micro-film micro-video works such as “White-haired Mother” and “Forging the Road Through Wind and Rain” respectively won One, two, third prizes, and excellent awards.

Which since launched a video competition  

Since the first Ping An China Micro-Film and Micro Video Competition was launched in September 2016, the political and legal departments at all levels and all walks of life have responded actively and actively organized works to participate in the competition. There were as many as 1999 entries, including 1,424 micro-films and 575 micro-videos. unit. The entries in this competition are wonderful, rich in themes, and diverse in styles and forms. Whether it is the exploration of ideological connotation or the expansion of artistic performance, they are remarkable and have been widely praised by the industry and society. It not only establishes and improves the public image of politics and law but also is right. A comprehensive review of national outstanding political, legal, film and television works since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

  The works come from 32 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country. Among them, there are centralized submissions from the political and legal comprehensive governance departments, as well as social film and television media companies, and the political and legal civilian police and ordinary citizens participate in the video competition. The materials involve politics and law, comprehensive governance, national security, and national security. The courts, procuratorial, public security, and judicial fields have truly demonstrated the real work-life of the grassroots comprehensive administration of politics and law and the staff, and fully reflected the achievements of the construction of a safe China and a rule of law. Some works themselves are award-winning works in various international and national micro-film competitions in recent years. These works are all independent short stories about the rule of law, highlighting the characteristics of comprehensive governance of politics and law, focusing on attracting people with stories, moving people with real emotions, and seeing big stories from small ones, which have produced strong resonance in society. Some works directly draw materials from real cases, and make a more in-depth and delicate portrayal of the living conditions and spiritual world of the comprehensive governance of politics and law workers, showing the professional pursuit of political and legal police officers without complaints and fulfilling their missions, establishing loyalty, loving their jobs, and serving the people. Aimin’s professional image. Some works show fresh and simple power in artistic exploration and value exploration, such as big film mode, documentary form, silent film style, the nonsensical effect of Hong Kong film, and show good professionalism in image presentation and scene creation.

  News media and new online media have paid close attention to this competition. The central media, political and legal media, well-known commercial websites, video websites, and other news media have paid close attention, actively followed up, and publicized and reported the competition in an all-media way. From January 11 to 15, 2017, the Economic and Law Channel of CCTV broadcasted the winning entries of the competition for 5 consecutive days, forming an upsurge that the whole society is concerned about participating in discussions. Several video websites featured 100 award-winning works, which realized full coverage of the video network of the award-winning works. China has opened upload, on-demand, and screening functions, set the topic of the competition, and screened the entries through micro-video; China APP will timely release the competition news and set up the official website link of the competition