Top mistakes to avoid when opting for React Native

React Native

When mobile applications are becoming part of everyone’s life, the other side of the story needs to be more robust and outstanding. 

The other side of the story is important because there are over 5 million mobile applications available and more are coming in the market too. In order to reach the same level of success many apps are enjoying, the best of technologies, the right pick of programming languages and others are required to fulfill the task. 

Among these core aspects, the very important one often goes to the mobile app development framework. Among all, the real challenge arises when it comes to picking up the right and best mobile app development frameworks. 

When the plethora of app development frameworks is available, the best thing to get started with is to know their characteristics too. Meanwhile, the best-known framework called React Native is quite popular. 

The reason for its popularity is its characteristics and things it renders. Meanwhile, there are still flaws or errors that are often being done by React Native app developers. 

To let them eliminate such issues, here are the things they should take care-

Top 5 mistakes made by React Native app developers

Among top react native app developers mistakes, a few among them are-

  1. Image optimization issue

If you are planning to integrate React Native in your next app development project, make sure to give utmost attention to image optimization. The focus is majorly on image optimization because it affects the overall performance of the application.

Also, it helps affects the size of the app by making it lightweight. Hence, in order to make the right balance between quality and size, image optimization should be given a special place. 

  1. Redux functioning

The next thing that is often missed by React Native app developers is focusing on redux functioning. Both state view and store are important in order to get enhanced performance at the end of mobile app development. 

The state function and new state are meant for different functions that can neither be substituted nor can be made by replacing each other. Hence, when developing an application, it is must be aware of the previous state merging with the new state. 

  1. Parameters and the render method

Instead of picking up the old method, it is good to create a new method every time. And this is something that is often skipped by React Native developers for different callbacks. 

Luckily, this situation can be easily solved through handleWatchList()- a binding method in property initialized syntax or constructor. In order to get started with it, you will be required to pass the handleWatchList() value as props for getting the desired result.

  1. Existing components

No matter if you are a Xamarin app developer, Android app developer, iOS or React Native app developer, the importance of pre-built elements can never be eliminated. The elements can be footers or texts too. 

Also, the pre-built libraries are said to be crucial but they do not systematically work with unique design layout. Hence, if you are planning to get started for the making of an app focusing majorly on unique design layout, make sure to choose those libraries that can behave well with codes too.

  1. Modules

Another thing that should be taken care of is external modules. External modules are keys when it comes to developing an application. 

For using the same, it is a good practice to verify the external module cases for eliminating any possible issues or threats while developing the application. 

Such issues are often being made either by amateur developers or due to minimal knowledge and less experience. Hence, getting started with the app development project, ensuring what and how modules should be precisely made. 

These are just 5 mistakes often made by React Native app developers and there are more than can be eliminated if known from the beginning. 

App development is not an apple’s pie but a challenging task. Each and every element made and integrated into it should be the right calculation of technology, designing, programming language, frameworks and all. Hence, the right pick of everything and intelligently should be made precisely. In the middle of all these, an in-depth understanding of other things should be taken into account and then the decision should be made as per the project requirements too.