What Fantasy Sports Leagues are most Popular on Dream11?


Fantasy sports leagues in India have gone through a roller-coaster ride since their inception. Although it attracted a massive crowd, the misunderstanding regarding whether it is a game of skill, or a game of chance is still a debated topic. Dream11 is the pioneer of the fantasy league in India and went on to become a unicorn in a quick time. Later, many domestic and international companies entered the gaming industry with their apps.

Gaming companies have come up with fantasy apps for many games such as cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi, etc. However, the sports enthusiasts’ interest in cricket is unmatched compared to other games and is spearheading the growth index for the fantasy games industry in the country.

So, what are fantasy sports leagues or fantasy games by the way?

A fantasy game is a virtual game where sports enthusiasts will get opportunities to be close to the game by participating in several leagues and contests. When it comes to fantasy cricket, a user will be allocated a certain point to create his team from a pool of players from the real match. Then, the user will earn fantasy points based on the players’ performances in that match. And the user with the highest fantasy points wins the virtual contest or league.

There is a multitude of fantasy league apps for fans offering a meaningful way to utilize their sports knowledge and enjoy their favourite sport better with financial gain. So, here are the most popular fantasy apps on Dream11 that are always in-season:

1. Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is arguably the most popular sport in India. The people like to play on the ground and the best IPL fantasy app like Dream11 also. Fantasy Cricket is an online, strategy-based sports game where you can create a virtual team of real cricketers playing in real matches around the world.

After registering on Dream11, the users will get many opportunities to join contests or various leagues that take place worldwide. Whether it could be the Indian Premier League, World Cup in all formats, T20 games, and any other game of cricket, the users can enjoy participating in fantasy cricket on the platform.

2. Fantasy Football

Football is the most popular sport in the world and picked up its reputation in India after the introduction of fantasy football. It allows enthusiasts to take part in this dynamic game and win real cash prizes in the fascinating process. 

Football fans can relish all the major football tournaments played across the globe on the Dream11 platform. Set up your fantasy football team, get expert analysis, draft players, track rankings, and more on the best IPL fantasy app.

3. Fantasy Kabaddi

Originating in ancient India, authoritatively, kabaddi is an Indian sport that is ruling the hearts of the country’s people for several decades. It emphasizes the never-say-quit attitude of the Indians. As the founding members of Dream11 are great sports enthusiasts, they decided to take kabaddi to the digital stage, and it is how fantasy kabaddi started.

As a user, you can participate in the kabaddi fantasy league on Dream11 after honing your team-building skills and practicing enough on the platform. Join the virtual mega contests and become a part of the exciting world of cash in the ongoing domestic tournaments, other than the Pro Kabaddi League.

4. Fantasy Basketball

Basketball is a popular sport in the USA. However, as a sport-loving nation, India has also provided prominence for playing basketball in schools and colleges. Now, with the introduction of fantasy basketball, like NBA, you can learn to handle the unpredictability of basketball tournaments.

As a fantasy basketball user, you can join a league and manage your winning team with live scoring, and expert advice, and win some exciting cash prizes.

5. Fantasy Baseball

Similar to other fantasy sports, fantasy baseball is picking up momentum with several users on the Dream11 platform. You can join the club and learn to follow the specific rules to become a pro fantasy baseball user. Participate in tournaments and major leagues like World Series, WBC, MLB, etc.

How to play fantasy league on Dream11?

Playing a fantasy league or game on Dream11 is almost self-explanatory. Just follow the simple steps and you are good to go.

  • First and foremost, download the Dream11 app from the Appstore or PlayStore on your smartphone.
  • Create your account on the application for free.
  • After registration, select your desired fantasy match that you want to participate i.e., cricket, football, kabaddi, etc.
  • Create a team based on your knowledge of the game.
  • Lastly, join contests or follow tournaments. There will be unlimited free and paid contests happening on the best IPL fantasy app. Depending on your comfort level in the game, you can choose between free and cash contests across the sports.

Why Dream11 for fantasy sports?

According to KPMG and ISFG reports, Dream11 has a 90% share in the domestic fantasy sports market in India. It is providing an intuitive ecosystem for fantasy leagues for the users. Let us look at the benefits of using Dream11 for playing fantasy sports below:


Dream11 turned online gaming into reality by developing the first fantasy sports website in India and becoming the first gaming startup into a unicorn in a quick time. It is reliable for providing high entertainment value for users with low disposable income.


Dream11 fantasy league app provides a user-friendly interface where you can easily understand and navigate through the application efficiently. So, it makes the de facto choice for online gaming lovers.


Dream11 is a platform that aims to help consumers get everything they need in the fantasy sports arena. So, it is the go-to app for you to play fantasy games as it covers almost all sports on its platform.