What is the Easiest Way to Find Out a Scooty Price on EMI?

Scooty Price on EMI

More and more individuals realize the benefits of riding a scooter to get around, especially in urban areas. Many of you are already aware of the advantages of riding a scooty. First, it saves a lot of time when moving around a big city. This is one reason that influences many consumers to go for a scooty instead of a car. The desire is to say goodbye to rush hour traffic jams. Many people have already had the experience of being able to get to work without having to worry about the long traffic.

However, the price of a scooty depends on the brand and function of the vehicle. However, the majority of Indians do not have the means to pay cash upfront for a vehicle. Two-wheeler loans come in as a bright light of hope in this situation. Two-wheeler loans make it possible for consumers to purchase the scooty of their dreams without worrying about making a down payment. 

Consumers want to know the scooty price with EMI whenever they go for a vehicle loan. A scooty loan EMI calculator can help in this case. A two-wheeler loan EMI calculator is an online tool that determines the monthly payment you will need to make to repay the loan. You must enter the principal sum, interest rate, and tenure to calculate the EMI. 

How does the calculator work?

The two-wheeler EMI loan calculator calculates the repayment amount after you provide the following information:

  • Loan amount- The amount borrowed by the borrower to purchase a bike or scooter.
  • Interest rate- The interest that the lender charges on the principal amount.
  • Tenure- The term refers to how many months or years the loan must be repaid in full.

The amount you must pay each month is displayed when you click on calculate EMI.

How to Determine the EMI for a two-wheeler Loan?

A two-wheeler loan EMI calculator is quite simple to use. The steps are:

  • Select the loan sum.
  • Select an interest rate.
  • Select the loan’s term.

The EMI for the loan amount will be displayed at the top of the table as each variable is altered.

The advantages of the two-wheeler loan calculator:

  • Utilizing the calculator is simple. Simply select the appropriate parameters, and your EMI for the chosen loan amount and tenor will be displayed.
  • It moves quickly. The calculator updates to show you the EMI as soon as you alter a value.
  • The computations are precise. The EMI you see is accurate. It gives you a good sense of how much you will need to pay over the loan. It helps you decide to buy a scooty online on EMI.
  • The calculator can be used without creating an account.
  • Every device can access it. 

Here is the list of the best scooty prices with EMI:

1. Hero Maestro Edge 125-

  • Total price- Rs. 1,06,201
  • Down payment- Rs. 5,310
  • Interest rate- 9.5 % on the remaining Rs. 1,00,891
  • EMI for 36 months- Rs. 3,601

2. Hero Maestro Edge 110-

  • Total price- Rs. 85,201
  • Down payment- Rs. 4,260
  • Interest rate- 9.5% on the remaining Rs. 80,941
  • EMI for 36 months- Rs. 2,889

3. Honda Activa 6G-

  • Total price- Rs. 87,456
  • Down payment- Rs. 4,373
  • Interest rate- 9.5% on the remaining Rs. 83,083
  • EMI for 36 months- Rs. 2,966

4. Honda Dio-

  • Total price- Rs. 85,189
  • Down payment- Rs. 4,259
  • Interest rate- 9.5% on the remaining Rs. 80,930
  • EMI for 36 months- Rs. 2,889

5. TVS Jupiter-

  • Total price- Rs. 99,380
  • Down payment- Rs. 4,969
  • Interest rate- 9.5% on the remaining Rs. 94,411
  • EMI for 36 months- Rs. 3,370

6. TVS NTORQ 125-

  • Total price- Rs. 1,01,333
  • Down payment- Rs. 5,067
  • Interest rate- 9.5% on the remaining Rs. 96,266
  • EMI for 36 months- Rs. 3,436

7. Yamaha Fascino 125-

  • Total price- Rs. 95,633
  • Down payment- Rs. 4,782
  • Interest rate- 9.5% on the remaining Rs. 90,851
  • EMI for 36 months- Rs. 3,243