7 Simple ways to Remodel your Kitchen

Remodel your Kitchen

The entire home remodelling strategy may cost high, go one area at a time. Suppose the kitchen of your 2 BHK flat in Uttam Nagar needs more attention than the other parts. So it’s better if you start your home remodelling with your kitchen. 

Before taking any action, list down what are the exact things you need to change or upgrade. Be clear about numbers, how much you can afford. Hiring a construction company could be a good idea if you are a little flexible on your budget, otherwise trust in DIY home remodelling strategies to uplift your home environment.

Kitchen remodelling aims to make it organized, neat, and clean. Download some reference pictures for ideas, analyze them or show them to your contractor who can give you the best advice.

Visit kitchen showrooms or home stores to know what you exactly need its pricing. Talk to your neighbour and take a tour of their kitchen will help you to get some idea about kitchen layout and other things.

Here is your ultimate guide for kitchen remodelling strategy.

 Choose a Backsplash

Decorating your food preparing area with shiny tiles is visually appealing and a long-lasting choice. Experiment with the texture and pattern. Subway titles offer a traditional look, tiny print and borders are tough to maintain. Choose something easy to maintain yet looks fancy.

Consider Quartz

Quartz is an expensive stone but its stain proof, scratch proof, and chip-proof features have made it unique. Go for quartz if you have the budget. It comes in different textures and qualities. 

Though needs a bit of maintenance, it is the best choice for your kitchen countertop. And in case you own a lavish 3 BHK flat in Delhi, don’t think twice because the grandeur of quarts will suit increase your flat’s visual appeal.

Paint and Reuse

       Remodelling your kitchen cabinet may increase the budget by 20%-30%. If you are happy with their structure and functionality just apply a few coats of paint. Even hiring a paint pro will cost you less. 

Invest in a Good Faucet

A faucet is one of the main ingredients of a handy and well-managed kitchen. Hence do not go in a compromising mood when it comes to faucets. Have a branded one, have a durable one. Good looking is of course a criterion, but looks do not compensate for utility. Now, if a sink is concerned, never go for the one which is deeper than ten inches. You need not stoop for washing your utensils. 

 Give Attention to Lighting

Proper lighting is the most important part of any decoration. So whatever the lighting might be, it should illuminate every nook and corner of the kitchen. 

Another important aspect is that lighting in the kitchen should be such, that you should be able to see the under of the cabinet also. Such a result can only be attained if the kitchen is lighted from every corner. 

Pulkit Vij, the CEO of Kamal Associates and a reputed expert in the real estate sector says, “Appropriate lightning does wonder. It can even make an old house look like a brand new one. Thus, we always suggest our customers invest in the lights of their flats.”

Install Wide Window, Brighten your Kitchen 

Science has invented everything, except the bright sunlight filled with vitality. An ideal kitchen should have at least one big window so that natural light can enter and there should be free-flowing air. A healthy atmosphere is the prime requisite of a healthy kitchen. Hire a good construction company who can guide you about the window measurement. 

Not just for kitchens, windows are highly important in compact flats such as a 1 BHK or a 2 BHK flat in Delhi, to ensure proper air circulation.

Think about your Kitchen Floor

Wooden floor offers vintage looks while porcelain floor is easy to clean and low maintenance. But anything that falls on porcelain will break, so it is worth laminating the kitchen floor with soft materials like – Luxury Vinyl, it is durable and looks like a real wooden floor.

 Check Kitchen Appliances

Taking care of the wall, floor, the faucet is something that you can’t deny in your home remodelling strategy. But check your appliances also. A refrigerator can go for 10-15 years, while a ceramic cooktop can easily survive up to 20 years. So consider what you are getting in the long run.

Final consideration:

Consult with your contractor about all our expectations and scope of work. The target of your home remodelling strategy should be to use your space smartly. Plan your available space according to your convenience. 

A proper list, organized plan are the way to get your dream kitchen. If you still have any doubts, you can contact the real estate experts at Kamal Associates. With the experience of over 20 years, these experts can assist you in resolving any confusion that you might have.