Oravel Stays Limited, popularly known as OYO, has been going through a tough time. Amid the news of its upcoming Initial Public Offering(IPO), there is an ongoing dispute with hoteliers that can disrupt the preparation process. It is not the first time OYO has had a backlash at the time of IPO. At the time of Draft Red Herring Prospectus(DRHP) back in 2021, Zostel filed a petition and asked SEBI

SMS Marketing

SMS advertising for small businesses In the past, expanding a small firm required endless hours of labour and needed intricate marketing strategies. Even while all of this may seem crucial, a simpler outlook may ultimately be more effective. We live in a society that is quickly moving toward being more digitally focused, thus implementing an SMS marketing campaign is an essential business development approach. A firm foundation is provided by

risk management in the UK

Options are a type of derivative security that gives the holder the entitlement, but not the duty, to purchase or trade-in an underlying asset at a set price on or before a given date. You can use options for risk management. They can hedge against losses in a portfolio by buying protection input options or speculating on price movements by buying call options. Saxo has a range of different options

Send cakes to Pakistan

Sweetness is constantly required in everyone’s life, regardless of the occasion or circumstance. We have a lot of events & time once we get to enjoy our big day out with delicious cake & sweets since we have a lot of events and time. As per our human practice, sweetness is required for any function, cakes to Pakistan regardless of its shape. In the past, consuming anything sweet was considered

Increase in Product Procurement

Product procurement has increased in the past year, and it’s expected to continue increasing even more in the coming years according to many industry experts. The reason behind this increase stems from increased demand for products that were not available to the consumer before, as well as consumers becoming increasingly aware of the environment and how it can be improved by them making responsible purchasing decisions.  Here are seven reasons

Develop Your Social Skills

Social skills are an integral & essential part of our daily lives if we survive and shine in society. It is not always necessary to speak up or take control of a situation. However, it can be very beneficial to use these skills in your daily life. Communicating, sharing, and connecting is what make us human. Many of us may find this difficult and exhausting. Many of you may also

Car Repair at home

Owing a car is easier to travel without any stress. With the heavy traffic, it is now highly impossible to travel through the public transport and thus travelling through our own vehicle becomes the main priority. But servicing the vehicle is another important task when you own the vehicle as any mistake might cause a serious problem. It might sometimes lead to the death or might cause you more amount

Car service at Doorstep

The concept of car service is something that you might have been considering for prolonged period of time. In the fast paced world of today taking out time from your busy schedule is a time consuming task. But better news is that numerous companies are offering car service doorstep Bangalore services at reasonable rates. A feature of these services is that it is not going to cost you a bomb

get a Job

No matter what type of studies you have done or skills you have, if you think you would get a job you will. It is all about how many efforts you are putting for getting a job. There are all sorts of works out there in the world that people do. Whether work in your city or Jobs in Dubai, you should be open to options. You can easily find

Building a Website

Whether you’re a small startup, small business, or a daring entrepreneur planning to take his or her business to ultimate success, one of the most noticeable traits a lot of businesses all share is their willingness to create and published their own website. In the past, building a new website seemed somewhat impossible – with new-age technology and software only starting to take shape and only a handful of people