Replace or Repair: When Does Your Water Heater Need Maintenance

Water Heater Need Maintenance

Your water heater accounts for about 18% of your home energy bills. So, you want to make sure yours is running as efficiently as it can. 

A faulty water heater can run up your bills, or stop working altogether which is an unpleasant experience all around. Especially if it goes on the blink in the middle of your shower.

A faulty water heater isn’t always a serious problem. Find out what could be wrong with your water heater and whether you should replace or repair it.

When You Have a Choice Between Replace or Repair

Fortunately, water heaters have only a few moving parts, so there’s not a lot that can go wrong with them. You can also repair some water heater issues cheaply and easily. These are. 

The Pilot Light on a Gas Water Heater Goes Out

A dirty, bent, or damaged thermocouple could be the reason your pilot light’s on the blink. It’s easy to fix a dirty thermocouple. Simply wait for your water heater to cool down and dust any dirt or debris off it.

This is an easy fix, simply let it cool down and brush off the dirt or debris. Similarly, when your heater’s cool, you can bend any kinks in your thermocouple back into place. 

If neither of these issues seems to be the problem, get in touch with a water heater technician to replace the damaged part. 

The Circuit Breaker on Your Water Heater Trips

Usually, a problem with your water heater’s wiring causes this issue.

If you’re experienced in detecting and repairing electrical faults, you can fix this issue yourself. It’s usually a better idea to get professional help to deal with this quick and easy fix though.

A Burner or Heating Element Fails

The element heats the water in your heater’s tank. Power surges, air pockets around the element, or a build-up of minerals can cause your element to stop working. 

A lack of hot water is the tell-tale sign that your element’s bust. Get hold of a water heater technician to replace the element. 

The best way to avoid repairs or a water heater emergency is by getting a technician to conduct regular preventive water heater maintenance.

When Should you Replace Your Water Heater?

If your water heater’s more than ten years old, it’s often reached the stage where things will continue going wrong. In this instance, it’s best to get hold of a water heater installation expert to discuss your options for a new water heater.

Also, if your water heater’s sprung a leak, it’s probably time to say goodbye to it. This issue results from the minerals in water corroding the tank of your water heater. 

Other major issues include rising electricity bills caused by your water heater or a steady decline in your heater’s performance. 

Tackling Common Household Issues

Knowing when to replace or repair any appliance can save you hundreds of dollars every year. From an environmental perspective, it’s always better to try to repair something before you discard it too. 

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