Tips and Tricks to Move During COVID-19

Move During COVID-19

Coronavirus, an outbreak, came with a different set of challenges for all of us. With canceled plans, thousands of people have lost their lives, jobs, and various other things. Still, all of us are struggling to adapt or accept the new normal in several ways. Many people had already decided to move to a new place, but due to this coronavirus outbreak all went down & some have delayed or canceled the plan, all of us had to spend days in lockdown. Even as the lockdown is now being uplifted with inter-district and inter-state movement allowed, people who had to move are still anxious about the safety during the move & especially when you have your things with you.

Various packers and movers Chennai, rendering safer moves. However, while some people may be able to delay their relocation a little more, others may be required to do so immediately. If you are worried about your safety & the safety of your loved ones during such relocation, then no need to worry anymore as here are some tips and tricks for moving safely during the time of pandemic that may help you to make your move better and safer.

1. Select and Hire Your Moving Company Carefully

Before organizing your move, the first thing you have to do is start researching the relocation companies that offering safer moving during the pandemic. Make sure you ask all your doubts from your professional moving company either virtually or over the call, like what measures they are taking to ensure a safer environment. There are several reliable and reputed relocation companies that understand the safety of you & your valuables are important, during any move. Also, make sure your hired relocation company practices CDC guidelines that include:

  • Wearing of Mask and disposable gloves
  • Following NO Contact, Social Distancing Policy
  • Make sure all the professional movers involved in the relocation process are free from the symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Disinfecting Moving Equipment and things
  • Time-to Time Using or Applying Sanitizers or hand washing are some of the CDC recommendations.

2. Get a Virtual Quote

Get a Virtual Quote, Yes you heard it right! A Virtual Quote means without coming in contact with anybody, get your estimate online. Generally, it is better to get a quote in person, but due to a coronavirus outbreak, it can’t be possible. The virtual survey provides an alternative to the conventional in-person moving estimate granting you to walk an estimator through your home remotely using video call on your mobile device. Durinf Covid-19 time employee tracking software works well.

Verify with your relocation company to find out how you can best manage for their virtual quote process. If you select to try our Virtual Survey tool, here are a few things you can do to make ready for your remote estimate:

  • Check or ensure your phone or tablet is fully charged. 
  • Check you have a sturdy Wi-Fi signal. If you are not secured to Wi-Fi, then data charges may apply to it. 
  • Turn on the lights in all of the rooms you will be appearing to your estimator. 
  • Opening all cabinets and closets for stuff inside your home will require us to move. 
  • Have a tape measure on your hand, just let’s say your relocation estimator requires you to measure an item for preciseness.

3. Delay or Reschedule The Move If Feeling Sick!

If you decide to delay or postpone the move, then make sure you have a reserve with a relocation company that is flexible during these uncertain times. When you get your moving quote, you may want to request/ask about refund and deposit policies in the event you do require to drop your move. Most ostensible moving companies will contemplate the unprecedented circumstances and work to lodge your requisites. Lastly, ensure you know whom to contact and have the correct contact details should you decide to cancel/rearrange your relocation.   

4. Pack Your Belongings On Your Own Carefully

Every move is different from another move. Traditionally you call a mover company & they do everything from packing to moving. But due to this coronavirus outbreak, it is your wish that you can either call out for a mover to pack up your belongings, or you can do it yourself. It depends on you how you take this scenario. Pack all your essential belongings and declutter all those unwanted belongings and donate them to a charity. Still, if you want professional help, then you can contact any professional, safer, and reputed moving company around you.

5. Clean & Disinfect

Hiring specialist cleaners to help with your move-in/move-out cleaning jobs can be an outstanding time-saving option. However, given the current regulations and safety guidelines surrounding COVID-19, hiring a cleaning team to come into your home is not preferable. At this time, the safest choice is for you to do the house cleaning yourself. The CDC provides complete guidelines on how to clean and disinfect your home at the time of pandemic; these instructions also contain crucial information on how long the virus can live on different surfaces.


If you are planning to move to a new place or for more information related to Gurgaon moving companies and moving information during the time of the COVID-19 outbreak, then contact and get a diverse variety of relocation services at the best possible prices local, anywhere in India or Abroad (U.S.A & U.K). Also, get a chance to get a free virtual quote too. Get all your doubts cleared within a fraction of seconds.