What’s Involved With a Death Cleanup Huntsville Alabama?

What’s Involved With a Death Cleanup Huntsville Alabama?

Death does not always take place in a hospital bed. It can happen at home after an extended illness. People sometimes go to sleep at night and never wake up. The fortunate ones have family or friends who find them early on while others may not be discovered for several days. 

With various scenes, there’s the need to hire professionals who know how to handle a death cleanup Huntsville Alabama responsibly. What will the cleanup entail? Here are some of the basics. 

Removing Blood and Any Other Body Fluids

One of the first tasks that the team will take on is to safely remove all traces of blood or body fluids found at the scene. Since there could be infections or other issues related to those fluids, cleaning them up quickly will help to make the rest of the job much easier. It also helps to eliminate some of the immediate health risks that may be present. This is especially true if the body was not discovered for a few days. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing All Hard Surfaces

No surface will go untouched by the cleaning team. Even areas that most people would overlook receive attention. For example, the team is likely to clean the walls and ceiling as well as the floor. All wooden furniture in the room will also be cleaned and sanitized. Even elements like the window frames will receive attention. 

This is usually true even if death did not seem to be violent. That’s because pathogens could have spread to any surface in between the time of death and when the body was found. 

Deep Cleaning Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces also receive attention during a death clean up. Window treatments, mattresses, upholstered furniture, and even linens of different types will be inspected and cleaned. Even if there’s no evidence that blood or some other type of body fluid came into contact with those surfaces, they are still cleaned. The goal is to salvage as many of those belongings as possible. 

Disposing of Anything That Can’t Be Safely Cleaned

Despite the team’s best efforts, there may be some things in the room that cannot be deep cleaned. For example, blood on an upholstered chair may have been allowed to seep through the upholstery and into the padding underneath. It may not be possible to extract all of the blood. Since the chair does constitute a biohazard now, it will need to be removed. 

If something does have to be taken away during a death cleanup Huntsville Alabama, the team will ensure that it’s destroyed in a responsible manner. The item may be incinerated, broken down with chemicals, or whatever it taken to prevent it from possibly infected someone in the future. 

Deodorizing the Space

Even the air in the room will receive attention. The goal is to eliminate any pathogens that may be lingering in the air as well as deodorize the space. All the previous cleaning does help to remove the scent of the death, but using agents to cleanse the air gets rid of any lingering scents. By the time this is done, the room is safe for others to enter. 

The death of a loved one is difficult enough to endure without having to clean the space where the person passed away. While you focus more on mourning and remembering that loved one, leave the cleaning to the professionals. You’ll be grateful that you did.